"It has been a real joy working with Britt and Ben on the Forget Me Not project. Their intentions to work with and support local artists has been clear from the beginning. Not only have they given myself and others an opportunity to have our work published, they have respected us as artists/designers and recognised our work accordingly. I am truly grateful for the opportunity and cannot wait to see this business grow and continue to give others an chance to get their work out there. 

This is a fantastic business with the right intentions leading the way. By supporting Britt and Ben, you are also supporting the creative community and what better way to do that, then by purchasing gift products for others."

-Anna Synan
Lead designer for Forget Me Not Collective


At Forget Me Not Collective, our goal is to work with and help develop as many aspiring local Australian artists as we can. We see ourselves as a platform for artists to be able to showcase their work in a professional environment, which will help contribute to your portfolio.   

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If you are interested in listing your artwork with us or learning more about what we do, please email us at or leave us a message via our CONTACT US page.